Briefing: leveraging social networks in hospitality

Author: HPG Advisory

Social media has opened new channels for brands to talk to their consumers. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, or the plethora of others, all these tools are integral to any hospitality business looking at a cohesive marketing message.

However, ensuring that you are on the right platforms is probably the hardest conundrum. Due to the wealth of options understanding the online message you want to send out is vital. The most challenging aspect of this is that it is different for every business.

Is hospitality far behind other industries on this issue? What can be done about it? Understanding what can and can’t be achieved is discussed in this briefing, including interviews with:

  • James Chappell, Global Marketing Director of Horwath HTL, on how the industry is grappling with these new tools.
  • Clive Hillier, CEO of Vision Hospitality Asset Management, on social media not growing revenue streams.
  • Steven Rudnitsky, of Dolce Hotels & Resorts on a new generation of consumers.
  • Peter O’Connor, of the Essec Business School on how to utilise social media networks

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