Briefing: digital engagement – the next frontier

Author: HPG Advisory

The digital economy is an opportunity for many businesses to gain relationships with their customers like never before. This unprecedented accessibility to understand your consumer has never previously been achievable. Some brands are harnessing this new capability effectively, some are flirting with the idea, whilst some are yet to embrace it.

What is clear, however, is that adopting new digital channels is now critical. They allow you to market and communicate with current and prospective consumers immediately, whilst clients and customers are also more knowledgeable, have greater ability to comment on and rate your business.

This week’s comments come from:

  • Joe Stenson, Director for Hotels of Queensway Group, on engaging with customers digitally.
  • James Chappell, Global Marketing Director of Horwath HTL about people being more knowledgeable on everything about your business.
  • Debrah Dhugga, Managing Director of Dukes Hotel on utilising contemporary technologies now being essential.
  • And Peter O’Connor, of the Essec Business School, on the trepidation that some businesses show when embracing online tools.

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