Briefing: China’s ground-breaking demand

Author: HPG Advisory

The unrelenting growth of all industries in China is too much to ignore for the big hotel brands. Entering this market isn’t as simple as cut and pasting Western philosophies into the new cities. Strategic alliances need to be sought and alternative business techniques understood.

Of paramount importance is capitalising on a fast-growth market. Whether that be creating new brands or twisting existing ones, many brands are attempting to be malleable in this Chinese market.

In this briefing we hear from key experts on their thoughts about China. Including:

  • Ed Fuller, former President and Managing Director of Marriott International on the unprecedented growth in hotel development.
  • Yann Caillère, COO of Accor Hotels, on Accor’s strategy for tackling the Chinese market
  • Chris Boulton, CEO of yoo on demand for hotels, particularly branded ones.
  • And James Chappell, of Horwath HTL, on a different development perspective in Asia.

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