Briefing: mobile – the big sell

Author: HPG Advisory

Mobile technology is expanding at such a rate that it is really any wonder how people keep up with it. iPhone 5GS, Samsung Galaxy S4, Windows 8, Android, and BlackBerry are just a handful of terms that are in our modern-day vernacular without many of us really understanding what it means for us and for business.

Mobile smartphones are the most powerful selling technique which is set to dominate long into the future and we need to be utilising this medium across our business. Whether that’s checking emails, social networks, looking for reviews, playing games, watching films, purchasing hotel rooms and perhaps after all that making a phone call. It should certainly be embraced and our experts this week discuss this with comment from:

  • Cyril Ranque, SVP of Global Market Management for Expedia on the power that these devices bring to the consumer.
  • Douglas Rice, Executive VP & CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation on expectations being raised with mobile
  • Leo Brand, CEO of Swisscom Hospitality Services on the need for hospitality to up its game
  • Peter O’Connor, Professor & Academic Director of ESSEC Business School on seizing the immense power of mobile in hotels

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