Briefing: 2015 could be a tipping point for mobile commerce

Author: Guy Lean

30% of travel will be booked on mobile devices in 2015 according to Expedia. Mobile and tablet usage is set to grow further in all industries this year following 2014 during which the number of people owning both a smartphone and a tablet in Europe more than doubled to 48%. eMarketer predict that in 2015 half of digital travel researchers will use mobiles as well as PCs, while Gartner predicts that by 2018 more that 50% of users will use a tablet or a smartphone first for all online activities.

In the following videos industry insiders explain how mobile devices are being used in hospitality today:

Criteo’s report State of Mobile Commerce Q4 2014 shows that at the end of 2014 mobile accounted for 30% of ecommerce transactions in the US.  Smartphones have overtaken tablets in mobile transactions in the US, although there are currently higher conversion rates on tablets than mobile. The difference is being attributed to the larger screen size and the fact that not all websites are designed for easy mobile use. Criteo’s global research shows that Japan is the most advanced mobile shopping market with 49% of retail transactions being done on mobile there. The UK is not far behind this at 41% and the US is at 27%.

2014 saw an increase in hospitality companies using apps. Mobile only companies such as Hotel Tonight have grown, and more sophisticated approaches to mobile commerce are emerging. Expedia’s Scratchpad software is designed to help customers use the Expedia website across multiple devices. Apps can be used to show hotel information and process bookings. They can also be used to enhance the guest experience inside the hotel or for travel around the area. In America 33% of hotels now offer an app for their guests. According to Expedia almost 1 in 5 travellers globally have checked into a hotel on their mobile for business purposes, with around 15 percent having done so for a leisure trip. Mobile technology is sure to be integrated yet further in of all aspects of the travel and hospitality experience over the next 12 months and will continue to be a focus point for the industry.

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