Briefing: Stories make brands stand out

Author: Guy Lean

This month two historic hotels have reopened with a flourish.

After a four year multi-million renovation, the Ritz Paris has opened its doors once again, and The Watergate Hotel in Washington has been renovated and reopened having fallen into disrepair nine years ago. A great brand story or an innovative product can help a hotel stand out in the competitive hospitality market. For properties with less history; location, technology and style can give a product more value.

Watch hospitality experts discuss differentiation in the industry:

The Ritz Paris is an iconic hotel and is bold enough to claim that ‘The Ritz is Paris’ on its website. Reopening after four years is a story in itself but the brand has spared no expense on making the relaunch a classy affair, even making a short dramatic silent film ‘Behind the Door’.

Brand values and credentials can also set a hotel apart. Starwood’s uniquely eco brand ‘Element Hotels’ is on track to more than double its North American portfolio by 2018. This was the first major hotel brand to mandate that all properties pursue sustainable certifications.

Jumeirah as a brand is hinged on having the ‘highest standards of truly Arabian hospitality’ and its story is tied in with the development of Dubai’s hotel industry itself. The Jumeirah website claims that it is these ‘standards of service that have made Dubai exceptional in what it offers to visitors.’

Technology and online presence can be another great differentiator, as show by the Ritz Paris in it relaunch site and brands such as citizenM.

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