About HPG Advisory Services

The team at HPG Advisory Services provide a suite of high-impact services aimed to help you hit your business objectives and achieve positive growth for your hospitality business.

Dan Akhtar is the Managing Director of HPG Advisory Services.
Over the last two decades, Dan has quickly developed a reputation for delivery, even when thrown the most challenging opportunities. Dan leads the executive search team which has delivered some of the industry’s top executive talent.
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Our team has a track record of success in all of the following key areas:

  • Executive Search – find top performing, motivated, experienced individuals to take up key executive roles and help drive your business forward either from within your existing teams, or in new teams you are establishing.
  • Interim Executives – rapidly fill senior level roles (including GMs) to ensure business continuity and productivity when key people leave your business or need urgent leave unexpectedly.
  • Compensation Surveys – research the market in near-real time and receive a bespoke compensation report across the job titles, functions, property types and geographic locations which matter to you.
  • Human Capital Architecture – an objective, detailed, in-depth analysis of your existing human capital architecture, with specific recommendations to help you achieve your business objectives, faster.
  • Leadership Benchmarking – up-to-date, hospitality specific leadership benchmarking to help you ensure that you are measuring, assessing and rewarding your key executives appropriately.
  • Board Assessments  – highly confidential, sensitively conducted and completely impartial analysis of the dynamics, character and performance of your board, with recommendations for improvement.
  • NED Appointments – find appropriate and objective Non Executive Directors to join your board and lift the performance of your organisation significantly over time.
  • Behavioural Profiling – benefit from hospitality-specific behavioural profiling which will help you to identify, hire, retain and develop the right people for the future of your business.
  • Digital Transformation – digital specialists with significant hospitality expertise will help you develop and implement a strategy to leverage the best of digital tools and platforms, social networks and the digital consumer.
  • Hospitality Marketing & Branding – review, improve or refine your marketing, branding and communications strategies and frameworks to ensure maximum relevance, impact and success in your market.

Our base is in central London, but we are dealing with clients and opportunities all over the world.

Hospitality People Group
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