Briefing: building customer loyalty in the digital world

The new digital world allows all brands and individuals to communicate with each other with the click of a few buttons. But is the hospitality sector fully utilising all the tools available?

Mobile technologies now allow General Managers and other executives to understand exactly what is going on in real-time. This has never been achievable before, and it will only improve over time.

By being clever with contemporary technologies, brands can build advocacy and loyalty in a very personalised and specific way. Building this loyalty and the techniques of doing so are discussed in this week’s briefing.

Including comment from:

  • Sean Worker, CEO of Bridgestreet on understanding his customer needs 24/7.
  • Andrew Sangster, of the Hotel Analyst, on building a picture of consumers in real-time.
  • Robert Shepherd, SVP of Development and Design for IHG Europe, on what techniques IHG are implementing to build brand advocacy.
  • And Peter O’Connor, of the Essec Business School, on tactics for achieving loyalty with online consumers.

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