Briefing: Guest experience is better with latest tech

In a new report from Zebra Technologies, 66% of hospitality guests said that they have a better experience when hotels use the latest technology. Mobile phones and location technology are at the forefront of technology developments in hotels. Smart phone uses range from unlocking rooms, to receiving text notifications about room readiness, to receiving location based offers. The report found that 40% of guests currently use hotel apps and 70% of guests want to use technology to speed up the service they receive.

In these videos four experts discuss upgrading experience with technology:

For a long-time, hospitality businesses have been seeking to create more personalised experiences for guests through technology. The results of Zebra’s 2016 Hospitality Vision Study suggests that guests today are interested in receiving personalised treatment across the room, entertainment, and concierge elements of their stay. 86% say they are interested in having a room selected based on personal preferences such as room/window location and bed configuration. 81% say they would like to receive a personalised list of restaurants/ activities and directions, and 70% say they would be interested in receiving location based coupons and specials.

Hotels are starting to look at what they can do when they have the ability to track their guests’ locations. 74% of surveyed hotels/resorts are planning to implement location-based technologies within the next year. They would be able to track a location when the guest has a hotel app on their phone that they give permission to access their location data – in the same way that a map app uses the phones location to show a route. Then the hotel can send messages and offers that are more relevant to the guest at the time, and would know whether the guest is inside the hotel or out-and-about.”

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Video clips produced by for the Hospitality Channel, including interview from industry conferences such as the IHIF conference as well as specific Hospitality Channel shoots.

Briefing: Understanding Millennial priorities

The latest research on millennials from Choice Hotels found that 33% of Millennials would put off buying a home to take a dream vacation.

Holidays remain as desirable as ever. Particularly for this young generation where an opportunity to have a new experience can take priority over other areas of life. The study also found that 12% of Millennials have quit their job to take a vacation or go to an event such as a concert.

In these videos four experts discuss the behavior of Millennial travellers:

Choice Hotel’s study Uncovering the Millennial Mindset looked into the behaviours and priorities that Millennials have when taking a holiday. The survey polled 1,000 U.S. adults, ages 18-65 between September 30 – October 3, 2015.

It highlighted some differences between a Millennial at home and a Millennial on holiday, finding that 27% of Millennials have stayed in a hotel to impress someone and 79% of Millennials say they are more adventurous about eating and drinking when travelling.

The industry has had to drastically change to cater to emerging distribution methods. But tradition has not been shunned altogether, with 35% of Millennials will still turn to the friendly help of a travel agent to make their decision.

Not all the generational shifts are as drastic as the move to online research and booking. The study also found that 61% of Millennials carry hand sanitizer when travelling—more than any other generation. And 30% of Millennials keep earbuds in their ears when travelling so people don’t talk to them.

The study highlights the Millennials appreciation for instant rewards. It states that 69% of Millennials see freebies (such as snacks/sandwiches/to-go breakfast) as more important than opportunities for increased loyalty or reward points. And 43% of Millennials believe that if you do sign up to a rewards program you should receive your first benefit straight away.

Video clips produced by for the Hospitality Channel, including interview from industry conferences such as the IHIF conference as well as specific Hospitality Channel shoots.

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