Briefing: fair deals and trusting relationships

Deal-making at its best involves two parties working together towards a common goal. While profit will always be an underlying concern there is much more to a successful collaboration.

In an industry that is about people at its core, partners must create a solid relationship and be open with each other from the start. This briefing has four perspectives on the deal-making process from industry experts including:

  • Rui Barros, SVP & MD – EMEA, Wyndham Hotel Group on why a great partnership makes a great deal

  • Anil Bhardwaj, Director, AA Almoosa Enterprises on the importance of balance in deal-making

  • Olaf Schmidt, Global Sector Head – Tourism, Retail & Property Sector, IFC – World Bank Group on the need for solid counterparts.

  • Giorgio Manenti, Executive VP, Jones Lang LaSalle on how hotelier transparency will help see deals through


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