Briefing: global market conditions for deal-activity

Confidence in the hospitality deal-making market seems to be picking up. The volume of deals has lagged in the past few years, but has hospitality finally turned a corner? Many believe the industry is now slowly picking up again. The relief for all is paramount.

What markets will see the quickest growth in activity? Have we seen the worst of a flat market? What are the market conditions required for deal-activity? These questions are all answered in this week’s briefing, including comment from:

  • Frank Croston, Partner at Hamilton Hotel Partners, on what markets he sees picking up first.
  • Peter Malone, Managing Director of Madison Mayfair, on deal-activity finally being seen in the marketplace.
  • Clive Hillier, CEO of Vision Hospitality Asset Management, on the market that is no longer falling.
  • And James Chappell, Global Marketing Director at Horwath HTL, on the continued need for confidence in the hospitality market.

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