Briefing: Government must clear path for hospitality growth

A well governed organisation offering quality services will engage customers. But without government cooperation and well developed infrastructure the delivery of the product is more difficult. Visas, travel restrictions, expenses and security fears can put customers off.

Collaboration within the industry is needed to highlight these barriers to business. Also, more communication between the governments of neighbouring countries could help create solutions to these issues. Comment includes:

  • Peter Norman, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Development, Hyatt Hotels Corporation on why hospitality needs a united voice to lobby against restrictions

  • Patrick Fitzgibbon, SVP – Development, Europe & Africa, Hilton Worldwide on visas, air travel and infrastructure

  • Daniel Silke, Political Analyst & Keynote Speaker, Political Futures Consulting on making business and travel easier in Africa

  • Muhammad Al-Amir, Founder & MD, Riyada International Hotels & Resorts on the need for cooperation among the Gulf States


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