Briefing: a sustainable future for hospitality

Sustainable innovation is a phenomenon invading the consciousness of the hospitality industry. While it is not always a priority above profit margins and customer satisfaction we are seeing more integration of sustainable thinking within business strategy.

Sustainability includes making environmentally friendly adaptations within hotel design and providing economic sustainability by improving local relationships. Implementation of these ideas will give longevity to the industry. In this briefing we hear from a variety of professionals who are embracing the concept, including:

  • Denis Sorin, CEO of Mangalis Management Group on sustainable development in the hospitality industry

  • Margaret McMahon, Managing Director of Wimberly Interiors on sustainable design in hospitality

  • Amine Moukarzel, President of Golden Tulip Hotels on seeking out profit and sustainability for owners

  • Russel Sharpe, COO in the Hotel Division of Landmark Hospitality on biting the bullet on sustainability


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