Briefing: understanding the role of the owner

Appreciating who takes responsibility for risk in a hotel is something which has been scrutinised deeply in light of the recent recession. All those involved in deal making need to understand the risks in a new development or project in order for it to be successful.

Historically, maybe there has been too much risk with the owner and many big brands are now taking this into consideration when pursuing a new development.

In this week’s briefing we hear from:

  • Robert Shepherd, of InterContinental Hotel Group on sharing the owner responsibility.
  • Frank Croston, Partner of Hamilton Hotel Partners on whether there is too much risk with the owner
  • Peter Norman, of Hyatt International on the location and the owner being pivotal in deal-making
  • And Mark Wynne-Smith, Global CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels on the elements of a successful hotel

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