Briefing: securing a resilient, lasting hospitality industry in Africa

There is exciting growth in Africa, but what does the industry need to remember in order to build a market that works? Deals need to be solid, finances need to be secure, and the existing culture and infrastructure needs to be considered.

There is little point in rushing through a development that cannot be sustained for the future. It is also vital that there is quality in the product on offer. In this briefing four experts give their views on the key elements for successful developments in Africa:

  • Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor, CBS News with three pieces of advice for the hospitality industry

  • Olaf Schmidt, Global Sector Head – Tourism, Retail & Property, IFC – World Bank Group shares three messages from the IFC

  • Philippe Doizelet, Managing Partner, Horwath HTL – France on what the African hospitality industry could improve on

  • Rohan Patel, Director, Sankara Hotel Group Kenya Ltd on why hotel development projects must be sustainable


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