Briefing: Industry Disruptors Part 2- A focus on Airbnb

Airbnb is an immensely successful hospitality player with products across 190 countries. It has housed 15 million guests in just six years of existence, is already one of the largest market players and has recently updated its look to emphasise its brand concept of ‘belonging’. The business model is an extension of the B&B idea. It is a digital platform that allows people to rent all or part of their houses to other travellers.

Should the hotel industry feel threatened by the sharing economy? What will be the impact of regulation? And what can the industry learn from Airbnb? Answering these questions are:

  • Stephan Balzer, Chief Executive Officer, Red Onion GmbH on a shift in the market that could see hotels close

  • Russell Kett, Chairman – London Office, HVS on the need for careful regulation of new hospitality products

  • Steve Lowy, CEO & Founder, umi Digital on using Airbnb to make purchases

  • Shaun Hinds, Managing Director – International Operations, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality on why Airbnb isn’t a great threat


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