Briefing: Generation Y – a 2D generation

Author: HPG Advisory

Generation Y are beginning to enter into both the workplace and marketplace, and therefore all industries are having to be malleable to the demands of this generation, the like of which has never been seen before. Connected, impatient, disloyal and expectant are some characteristics that could be associated with the Millennial generation.

How should hospitality meet the demands of this generation? And why should we be paying attention to this new breed of customer, and colleague? These questions are answered in this briefing, including comment from:

  • David Thomson, COO of JA Resorts & Hotels on their rising expectations
  • Douglas Rice, Executive VP & CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation on what we need to understand about this new breed
  • Leo Brand, CEO of Swisscom Hospitality Services on meeting their demands
  • Martin Craigs, CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association on a generation with problems

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