Briefing: an unchartered continent for most

Africa is a continent which many view with much trepidation and caution due to its relative unknown way of doing business. That is at least the general assumption from those who have visited…

The continent is one of incredible opportunity for all industries not only for the domestic population but also for big hotel brands moving into markets and investing in the potential. Understanding this potential is very important, what hotel product will work well?

Who should you choose as local partners? What are the pitfalls from those that have been there. Find out in this briefing:

  • Ewan Cameron, CEO of Lonrho Hotels on the opportunity he sees on the continent
  • Trevor Ward, Managing Director of W Hospitality on the hotel product which will work well
  • Nawfal Bendefa, Managing Director of ACTIF INVEST on the investment building blocks needed
  • And Valentine Ozigbo, MD & CEO of Transnational Hotels & Tourism Services Ltd on the market which is about to explode

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