Briefing: Digital age guests want connectivity as standard

We live in a world of consumerised, mobile technology where guests increasingly use the latest gadgets at home and on the move. When guests check in to a hotel they do not stop wanting this level of connectivity. The hotel industry is upping its game, embracing technology as a part of the hotel’s design, infrastructure, and service processes. With increased expectations of hotels and ‘basics’ redefined, brands must find ways to provide “next level” digital experiences for their guests. In this briefing we hear comment from:

  • Anton Bawab, Regional President, Viceroy Hotel Group on connective technology being a must have for hotels

  • Jim Abrahamson, Chief Executive Officer, Interstate Hotels & Resorts on why brands that give great experiences will succeed in the digital world

  • Kathleen Matthews, Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer, Marriott International Inc on customers wanting connectivity and rich experiences

  • Robert Shepherd, Chief Development Officer – Europe, InterContinental Hotels Group on innovative hotel designs that target modern business travellers


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