Briefing: Finding your place in hospitality

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 27% of baby boomers held 15 or more jobs throughout their working lives. Will the millennial career path look the same? Boston College Center found that 64% of the millennials have established career goals for themselves, and 58% would prefer to stay with one employer and advance internally.

Whatever the journey looks like it takes time to build a career and find the right role. These videos discuss the many ways to have a great career in hospitality:

So how are today’s up comers approaching their careers? Boston College’s research ‘How Millennials Navigate their Careers’ revealed new insight into their mind-set and suggest that millennials may have more traditional ambitions than often thought. The survey revealed that the top three approaches to job hunting by millennials was to be referred by a friend, to research potential employers, and to search for posting on a company website.

The survey suggest that today’s young candidates are self-aware with 94% agreeing or strongly agreeing that they knew the work skills they possessed. More than 84% knew what was important to them in their careers.

In terms of what they are looking for in a role, career growth opportunities, salary and benefits were most important. 44% agreed that it they tend to make career choices based on their own values and interests rather than the choices provided by my employer.

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