Briefing: the age of data

Hospitality is one of the most data rich industries on the planet. There is no doubt that most industries are truly envious of the depth of knowledge and understanding the industry has about every single person that walks through the doors. Data that can be so specific to an individual’s preferences when staying in a hotel.

How can the industry use this vital information in order to make a customer’s experience truly engaging?

The opportunity that the digital world now affords hospitality is prevalent on so many different levels and experts this week discuss where to exploit this data abundant industry. Including comment from::

  • Sean Worker, CEO of Bridgestreet on making data work for your business
  • Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director of hotelanalyst on utilising data within your organisation
  • Leo Brand, CEO of SwissCom Hospitality Services on making data personal to a customer
  • And Nigel Huddleston, Industry Head of Travel for Google on the early stage developments of permission based data

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