Briefing: Mobile is now the leading digital platform

A new report by comScore has found that mobile is now the leading digital platform. The report found that total activity on smartphones and tablets accounts for 62% of time spent on digital media. It states that mobile applications alone now represent the majority of digital media usage (54%).

This has implications for many of the processes within the hospitality industry. In this briefing four hospitality experts discuss embracing mobile:

As discussed in our briefing at the beginning of the year, 2015 always had the potential to be the tipping point for mobile commerce. Mobile capabilities are increasing all the time. This year saw the release of Apple’s iPhone 6, and rumours are already flying about the iPhone 7. Meanwhile Google’s AMP Project aims to speed up page loading times on its mobiles so they are more convenient to use.

According to a report by Forrester there are 30 billion mobile moments happening every day. These moments are defined by Forrester as times when somebody turns to their mobile phone in order to get information or a service immediately. They also found that 70% of US adults spending almost two hours per day on their mobiles. So when someone turns to their phone for a mobile service. Will you be there?

Whilst mobile use is increasing, research shows that smartphone ownership is nearing saturation. Pew Research Center has found that 86% of Americans own a smartphone, up only 1% from 2014. At the same time ownership of computers and laptops has reduced from 89% in 2012 to just 78% in 2015, again highlighting the switch to mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

So what’s to come for hospitality and mobile use in 2016? A report from eMarketer has predicted that “In 2016, 51.8% of travellers who book trips via digital means will do so using a mobile device” The report also states that; “Out of the 48.5 million US adults who book trips via mobile this year, 78.6% (38.1 million) will use a smartphone to do so.”

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