Briefing: appreciating the growth opportunities in Africa

The Tipping Point for Africa has been imminent for a long time. The continent clearly holds huge opportunities, but the complexity and size of the 50+ countries means it is often very difficult to get product there. Having said that, many Governments are working together to try to encourage and break down the barriers for investment, as explained by Dr Nelson Githinji, the Tourism Secretary for Kenya.

For whatever reason, some African countries currently have no branded hotel product within their borders at all and although there are intricacies which need to be ironed out, you certainly shouldn’t dismiss Africa. Reasons why are explained in this briefing by:

  • Patrick Fitzgibbon, SVP Development – Europe & Africa of Hilton Worldwide describes the plethora of opportunity on the continent.
  • Dr Nelson Githinji, Tourism Secretary of the Ministry for Tourism – Kenya, on the concessions for those who invest.
  • Jalil Mekouar, of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels on the resurgence of curiosity seen for Africa
  • And Joy Albright of the African Export-Import Bank on where she sees the appetite for investment

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