Briefing: contemporary hospitality innovation

Innovation within hotels is an essential part of hotel construction. Letting rooms go too long without renovation can severely damage a brand, especially when pictures and opinion can be readily shared at the click of a button. But how can you be innovative without huge investment.

Some of the leading brands are taking new steps to reduce costs with room construction as well as renovating old rooms to come in line with the modern-day consumer.

How innovative can you be with a hotel room though? Many believe that the real innovation we are going to see is in marketing and communication of brands rather than the physical innovations of a hotel.

These issues are discussed in this week’s briefing. Including comment from:

  • Robert Shepherd, of InterContinental Hotel Group speaking about constructing rooms off site to reduce costs.
  • Andrew Sangster, of Hotel Analyst, on innovations seen in communication not engineering.
  • John Brennan, CEO of Jurys Inn Hotels, on the investment his company is undertaking in technology
  • And Guus Bakker, of Frasers Hospitality on equipping rooms with relevant technology.

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