Briefing: Millennial culture emphasises teamwork

According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2016, 80% of executives report that they are either currently restructuring their organization or have recently completed the process. The report states that the need for innovation and the growing Millennial workforce among other factors is driving a trend for businesses to be organised into ever-changing “networks of teams”. Another important finding is that 82% of survey respondents believe that “culture is a potential competitive advantage.”

In these videos our hospitality experts discuss the importance of strong teams and positive working culture:

Deloitte says that in the new “network of teams” structure, ‘companies build and empower teams to work on specific business projects and challenges’. The rigid hierarchies of business past are slowly disappearing and empowerment is now the name of the game.

Companies now want to focus on getting the right people for each job. Great culture will make a company more attractive to talent and will bolster the team to work hard and produce results. Deloitte say that 50% of companies are currently attempting to change their culture in response to shifting talent markets and increased competition.

But culture can be a hard thing to measure – the report says that fewer than 12% of companies believe they truly understand their culture.

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